Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Wow what a couple of days!  lots of interesting people, lots of very interesting conversations.  The dairy industry here is far better organized and with it than the us dairy industry has ever dreamed of being.  We really need to get our collective head out of our butt and start looking forward and stop whining about the past.  We are doing far less with so much more than our foriegn counterparts.  It would be scary what we could do if we had the foresight and tenacity of the australian dairy industry.  Yes it would mean letting go of the security blanket and having to stand on our two feet, but oh the places we could go.

On a better note.  The people here are fantastic, I am gaining so much knowledge my head is about to explode.  I have had several offers to stay and practice vet medicine here as well as another job offer to manage a farm.  I Actually ate kangaroo last night, though to be honest if you told me it was bland beef I would not have argued, but hey I can cross it off my bucket list.  Will be heading out into the country tommorow, so not sure when I will post again, hopefully sometime this weekend.  Am doing great, having some laughs and working hard...or well you know...will be back soon


  1. OK, that's colorful and sounds like things are going fantastically (nice offers!), but don't leave us in suspense, what's the Aussie system? Where/what are those places we could be going?

  2. So glad to hear you are doing so well. Please come back to visit at least!

  3. I can't wait to hear more about the dairy industry and all the suggestions for us back home. Don't forget to pick up a few equine tips for me too! :) Have a blast!!!