Monday, May 30, 2011


Well I made it!!!!  Finally on the ground and trying to figure it out.  got to see an australian football game sunday afterrnoon before calling it an early evening to get ready for today.  Still trying to get used to the left hand side of the road stuff.  haven't been hit yet, but a couple of close calls.  I feel just a little out of place, time wise, a country boy in a big city(few problems with mass transportation) and langauge that is similar but not quite the same.  But everyone is very friendly and very willing to help a lost stranger find his way!  I may actually feel like a mature adult by the time this is done (but don't count on it).  Had some very good meetings today, especially at the melbourne vet school where I had a great conversation about animal welfare and it seems that the problems we face in the states are very similar over here.  Had a great lunch with a whole group of professors from the college, got so cought up in the converstion almost forgot to actually eat lunch!!  who knew I could talk so much.  tommorow is another jam packed day, so I am off to do more research for tommorow and do a little sightseeing tonight and find some place to eat.  hope al is well back home..until later.....

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just a little bit of where I came from

A dairy farmer for many years

This is "work" attire

Our "old barn and silo"
A few of the cows

How we milked when we were milking

This is just to give all of you some background on where I am coming from.  I was a dairy farmer all of my life until 2010 when I got out of dairy farming and am now on way to vet school.  This summer I am in Australia and New Zealand to study rotational grazing and air and water quality regulations as a fellow with the Eisenhower Foundation Fellowships.  The Eisenhower Fellowship program is aimed at developing international contacts and relationships, the sharing of ideas and dialogue to help form a more prosperous and peaceful world.  To be continued.....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pre trip notes

Hey all,

Will be leaving in a little over a week.  Traveling to Australia and New Zealand to study rotational grazing, equine and dairy practices, vet. medicine, and air and water quality regulations.