Monday, June 20, 2011

New pics

 A couple of overview pics of the Field Days...hard to get it all in one pic.
 This (above) is a robot for pushing up feed, it even charges itself..where was this when I had cows?
 Fence of the many contests held at the field days.
 And tractor pulls of many kinds
 some of the sights on the way home from day 1 of the field days
 Some of the field days "farm"work...or art work if you prefer
 80 teat, 110 liter calf feeder wagon--fill with milk drag to paddock, calves self feed--6500$ (NZ$)
 just a little wool
 one of the farms I have been on
 These are deer being raised on a farm--to be shipped to restuarants in Europe
 One of my many friendly hosts
 11.5 hectacres (roughly 25 acres) hydroponic farm all under glass
 Maori (native people)--known for thier carvings
 Glass etching in a church near lake rotorua.  The water under his feet is the actual lake.
 lake rotorua
 some of the landscape near there
 It looks a lot steeper in person
 Do I need to explain?
 Massey University--Home to the only vet school in NZ.
 Lucky buggers...LOL!
 cows on one of the Massey herds
Just the landscape near Massey in Palmerston North


  1. Great pictures! I like the horse sculpture made out of bike parts. :) Looks like your having a blast. Are you thinking of applying to Massey?!

  2. Cassie, Don't give him any ideas!!

    Rhett, Loving the pic's and your blog posts. Can't wait to see the whole picture show.