Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just a funny

Just a tid bit I forgot to add to yesterday's post.  It has no deep insight, no revelation about how to solve the world's problems.  Not even a moment of self awakening.  Just a little story to try to demonstrate the life here in NZ, and the kind of people that live here.  It was sunday morning and I await the arrivial of my shuttle to Wellington airport to make my way to the Southern Island.  The shuttle arrives and we load and off we go to pick up the next passenger.  This is where the interesting part begins.   I do beleive that all shuttle drivers are just frustrated cabbies.  we take off like a shot, screaming thru yellow lights and around tight curves and "round abouts" (rotaries).  Then we head up into the hills around welly.  Think ski slope steep,winding roads back and forth--lots of hairpin turns, the road is about 2.5 car widths wide--if it was clear.  But there are cars parked on both sides and it is two way traffic.  On one side of the road--if no car parked there--is either a house hung out over the cliff or just the cliff and it is way down to the bottom.  On the other side is the mountain straight up!  every now and then there is a garage cut into the mountain--looks more like the caves in the white mountains of new hampshire,(i believe you would need to exit your car thru the sun roof).  But what makes this trip even more exciting is we are traveling at about 40-45 miles an hour up and down and back and forth.  slamming on the brakes when we meet a car, over curbs when possible to avoid crashes.  But not only are we doing this in an extended shuttle van--it has a small u-haul luggage carrier being towed behind!!!  By the time we got to the airport I almost wanted to burst out in laughter, the cost of the ride was well worth it both from a transport and an amusement quality. 

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  1. Who needs amusement parks (just steely nerves)?! Thanks for sharing the laughter...