Monday, June 6, 2011

Off again...

Well today we had a meeting with a group of austrailan eisenhower fellows.  Very interesting group, very intelligent people.  a little wierd being in the room as they discuss the USA and some of it not too pleasant, yet not far from the truth.  They are not really being insulting just seeing your culture, your belief systems thru the eyes of another culture and belief system is truly an eye opening experience--and as the say the truth can sometimes hurt.  I still like our system better, or maybe it is because I understand our system of government better, hard to say but they act on things very fast and sometimes it may seem as if congress takes forever (and that is by design) it allows for the emotion of the situation to die down before a life changing decision is made.  Case in point is an animal cruelty issue over here that because of a few videos taken has led to an immediate shut down of live animal exports to many of their oversea customers.  It all happened in a matter of days.  It seems to me this will severly impact their animal agriculture system which is mainly based on exports, as is most of their agriculture.  This in turn may effect other sectors of their economy as the ag sector tries to find ways to compensate for losses of markets.  Just an outsider looking in but often reactionary government is not always best.  But it made for interesting conversation.

I am off to the country side again, hopefully making it out of the city alive but it won't be quite the same country as before, more populated type country...a little apprehensive but will find a way to get thru it.


  1. Really makes you think, doesn't it. Hopefully everyone. Guess that's the whole point. Apprehensive about?

  2. That is what I found really interesting during our meeting with the MNF in Philly. The insight they brought to the table about different subjects was fascinating and refreshing. Welcome to a bigger world.