Friday, July 1, 2011

Trying to get home

Well I have made it half way out of NZ.  there have been problems with my tickets and not sure where or when I will end up anywhere.  I have come to the conclusion that it is what it is and thats all that it is.  So I look back on this whole ordeal and think about where I was when it started and where I am now.  I have traveled untold miles (or kilometers depending on your refrence point) and met many wonderful people.  I have learned alot about pastures, cows, horses, geothermic heat, earthquakes, maori culture, australian rules football, still have no idea about cricket or lawn bowling.  In the end I learned alot about myself, my ability to step out of my comfort zone, an area I do not often stray from, and realized I can make it work.  I can, sometimes with the help of others, put out the fires get thru the catastrophes and make a good time of a bad situation.  It was a talent I thought my parents had passed on to my other siblings as I am usually the panic stricken, woe-is-me type.  Well the world has not ended, the sky has not fallen--at lest not yet, but there is still a week left to go. 
But what an experience.  The people have been outstanding.  They were so willing to open thier homes, thier lives, take time out of busy schedules to meet with me and tell me all about thier businesses and the ups and downs of their industries.  It is an experience that quite honestly is hard to put into words.  I got to see my country thru the eyes of another.  I got to experience other cultures, beyond what a normal tourist would see as i lived with these people from time to time.  And in the short time I spent with them I would consider them all my friends.  I know if Ii called many of them right now and said I had a problem they would do what they could to help me out. 
And while the formal part of my eisenhower fellowship is about done.  (I know I still have some paperwork and reports to do when I get home).  I know that this will never be done, life is not about the destination, it is about the journey.  What you choose to do along the journey is what will be your legacy. 
I have enjoyed doing this blog and hope to keep it going for a while, especially the next few days while in Australia (if I can).  I also want to post more pictures, ideas and comments of things missed while on the road once I get home and settled again.  I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

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  1. A lot of livin', learnin', and growin' in not much more a month... Words to live by - for us all. And an experience of a lifetime that we got (and get!) to share in through the blog... Looking forward to more from Australia and beyond (and the fill-ins missed because of travel and internet challenges!). Cheers for this use of technology (and airport time)!